Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwing my Cameo Out the Window and other Scrappy Problems...

I have a love/hate relationship with my Silhouette Cameo. I love how it makes the most awesome cuts, and I hate when it totally screws up and tears the paper. Our relationship has definitely been one of trial and error...aren't they all?!! It turns out I just needed to clean the cutting blade, and get a new mat.
I went from this mess:

to this loveliness:

Here is the PL card I made with this file cut: 

Card I made for  the Project Life Cardswap Facebook group. I guess I am glad the cuts on the blue paper did't turn out well as I love the way the words look in red instead

A huge thank you to my friend Kathy over at Scrapping Felkatz  for her help in cleaning out the cutting blade. She is like a Cameo Whiz!!

Another dilemma I have been facing as of late is space in my little crafty corner. I currently occupy the corner of our bedroom near the window so I can make the most use all of the natural light. I love that I at least have a dedicated space for my crafting, but I have definitely outgrown the space. We're currently house hunting and you better believe that I am trying to make sure I get a craft room somewhere, somehow! Haha! No more limiting myself to the corner with the best natural light! And speaking of lights, I'll tell you about my last problem--I am without my Ott light!!  I left it at my friend's house from our February Crop weeks ago and I've scrapping in semi-good lighting since then. So please bare with me as some of my future posts might have pics with bad lighting. 

I suppose I should be grateful that these scrappy dilemmas are really my only 'problems' in life right now. I feel so blessed!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time...

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