Friday, July 2, 2010

Operation Write Home's Independence Day Blog Tour & Quick Update

I am excited to participate in OWH's Blog Tour this holiday weekend! I know I have not been posting for a while...again! The hubster has been working extra days, and Nico has been taking late naps thus resulting in late bedtimes.This leaves me with not much time for posting. I try to use my "free" time to tidy up and just make cards. I am getting my first batch of cards ready to send to OWH! I haven't been feeling 100% either, but I keep forgetting to schedule an appointment with the Doc. It doesn't help my health that I am such a GUY when it comes to sports fanaticism! The NBA Finals (Go LAKERS!) and now the World Cup have put my nerves in a frenzy for the last month-and-a-half! I was so heartbroken that our boys were eliminated a week ago, but a couple of my favorite teams are still in. The Hubster has to work on the 4th again this year, so we'll be headed to my sister's on Sunday (my Dad is supposed to BBQ there, YUM!)

I made this card today while Nico napped, so there is no stamping on it at all. I didn't have any more stickles, but wanted to create a Firecracker effect on the ribbon "candles" so I used some Valentine's Day ribbon that had sparkly threads and voila! Hope you like it!

I have no wise words about freedom or the fight for independence today, but I leave you with this video that still gives me chills...even though we didn't make it all the way.

*This video was created by a young fan who was inspired by Donovan's goal.

This is what I love about sports...for one day, soccer fans (and those new to the sport) united to support our U.S. Soccer team---no matter what our ethnic backgrounds, religious or political views were, for one day we were all just American fans... cheering on OUR team, hoping against all odds for just one goal, and chanting. "USA! USA!" It is a testament to the American spirit and how we unite to support those that need it, be it our national sports team, our neighbors or members of the Armed Forces serving miles and miles away.

Happy Birthday, USA!

Have a Happy and Safe Celebration!
Until next time...

Creatively Me,