Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hellooooooooo, out there!!!!

Well hello there, Neglected Blog!!! After a 2 year+ hiatus, I am BAAACK!! I have some new and exciting projects in the works and I can't wait to start blogging and sharing crafty stuffs with y'all again.

For now, here's a quick update of the some of the goings on the last two years, not necessarily in order : 
*I never did finish my 30 days of lists...yikes!
*We moved. 
*I have an actual craft ROOM now!!
*We got a dog, then another dog, and ANOTHER. (Yep, that's 3)
*I turned 40. 
*My son turned 18.
*I joined the workforce again, got laid off, then found another job.
*I discovered there were a whole bunch of Planner Junkies out there, and no longer feel weird about having more than one planner.
*I gave up on Project Life. I started Project Life again, gave up and am currently in PL limbo.
*Survived the HailPocalypse of April 2016
*Graduated a Homeschooler
*Almost ALMOST enrolled my youngest in Public School 
*Finally rehomed my Silhouette Cameo
*Bought a Silhouette Portait
*Sold the Silhouette Portrait
*Started Bible Journaling
*AND soooo  much more that you'll see when I share my Scrapbooking projects!!

 Stay tuned.....