Sunday, December 1, 2013

All done with my December Daily! From LAST year....

Can you believe it's December already? This has to have been the fastest a year ever went by. << Did that sentence even make sense? Ah, well you know what I mean.

If you are familiar with Ali Edwards, then you know all about December Daily. I first learned about December Daily last year from one of my Facebook groups. I 'googled' all I could about it and jumped full force onto the December Daily bandwagon. If you're not familiar with it, let me tell you a bit about it...
December Daily is all about creating an album and documenting all your December memories, traditions, activities, etc. The point of it all though, is to have your album all pre-made so that you will not not have to stress out over it during such a busy month. You just insert your pictures, do your journaling and voila! It's a great concept for the busy scrapbooker, and a really good way to keep track of all your December happenings.

For my first DD last year, I decided to make my own album instead of buying a pocketed style one like the traditional DD albums everyone was using. I found an old album I'd picked up at a yard sale, and got to decorating it 'my way.'. I was SOOOO excited about the whole thing, and I was sure I would keep up with it even though I'd decided not to do the pre-made pages. Boy was I wrong! Believe it or not, I am just finishing up my 2012 DD {but, if you are like my friend Michelle you'll totally believe it and even EXPECT that from me, lol}.

This year, I am definitely setting up my DD so that it will be easier to stay updated. Since I am also doing Project Life {more on that tomorrow}, I decided to use this year's DD strictly for December/Christmas traditional activities such as our Lego Advent calendar, Christmas crafts, etc. We are starting a few new traditions this December, and I wanted to make sure I document it all. I still plan on doing December in my Project Life album, but it will have the normal things in there like Lego Boy's birthday, date nights, game nights, etc. Here are a few pictures of my 2012 December Daily. Lego Boy hid my camera and I JUST found it this morning {whew!!!}. I don't know what is up with that boy, but he has been hiding things from us---my phone, books, THE CAMERA. Anyhow, I have yet to take pictures of ALL the pages of my DD, so I am only sharing my cover with you today.

What about you? Are you doing December Daily? How do you document your December?